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Parents of Kieran Law, 15
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

“He is more in control of his time now as previously he would resort in doing his tasks last minute resulting on him sleeping late.

After attending WYNKIDS, he would complete his tasks accordingly instead of doing it last minute.”

“He has shown more maturity and beginning to take charge of his own things. To add one, he has also shown more confidence in his studies.”

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Mother of Giselle Loo, 10
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

“The main changes that I saw in her is first related to her confidence. She is able to adapt and mingle around…

 with a group of strangers when she attended the class. She enjoys the camp and the classes.”

“ The second part is on her studies. She used to be disorganized and does not really put emphasis on her schedule but after learning the study techniques, she will try to apply it and share with me what she has learnt.

“Her thinking skills has also improved whereby she will try to come out with solutions first rather than depending on others as per last time.”

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Mother of Kuan Ee Vaine, 7
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

“The biggest change that I have noticed was on her learning attitude as she is more willing to ask more questions…

to understand better as compared to before where she is dependent on people to show her the solutions”

“ She has more good manners in terms of the way she talks to me. She is also more helpful as she is willing to help her sister and parents at home as previously, she is reluctant to do it .She also has more control over her emotions as now she will express her feelings to us positively rather than getting angry easily.”

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